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Welcome to The Scoop Glastonbury!  We hope you are enjoying our site. 

We operate out of 33 Ladyslipper Lane, but have no physical location.  We are an online business.

The Scoop Glastonbury is an online website/blog that covers business news in Glastonbury, CT and surrounding towns.  We also featured businesses on our site for a fee.  Our feature packages are listed in the ADVERTISE section of our website.

Services we provide include promotional photo and video features.  All complaints or concerns about such features should be directed solely to The Scoop Glastonbury.

The Scoop Glastonbury is fully liable for any issues related to our employees only during their work with The Scoop Glastonbury.


If a client is unable to follow through with a feature, there is a $250 cancellation fee two weeks prior to the date of the feature.

If a cancellation is required prior to the two-week period, we will offer a full refund.

Clients can expect a refund within a week of cancellation.

To cancel, you must email The Scoop Glastonbury directly at


All credit or debit card purchases made through The Scoop Glastonbury go through our website service, Wix.  We do not keep credit card information.


Download: Terms & Conditions 

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