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Keri & Sarah from William Raveis on New London Turnpike are a winning real estate team who know and understand both the market and what families are looking for in Glastonbury. Sarah is born and raised in town. Keri has been deeply involved in the business community for the last decade. 




Glastonbury resident, Jade Kelly, is doing what she was meant to do. A licensed massage therapist for more than 20 years, Jade brings vast experience to her work at Stillpoint Therapeutic Massage (her practice on Sycamore Street). She has advanced training in neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, and integrative nutrition. Not to mention, she has a way about her that brings calm and relaxation to her clients. Her intuition helps her identify what they need for a unique experience…we can attest to this after a one-of-a-kind session with her.

But really, it is more than that for Jade…her past life has prepared her for this work. Her childhood was chaotic. Bringing people peace has been extremely rewarding. When someone feels good after a session, she is truly grateful. On her path to helping people heal, she adopted the motto, Balanced Body, Balanced Life and wants this to resonate with every one of her clients.

“If we can start with our temple, our body and bring it to a place of peace or calm, healing or relief, it’s just going to ripple out into the other areas of your life. It makes you very self aware and I think it’s a way of practicing self love.”

Although she is trained in many of the common massage techniques, Jade is expanding her studies to include Craniosacral Therapy, which helps bring the body to a complete state of calm. Thousands of years ago, craniosacral work was known as ‘the art of listening’. A mindful listener at heart, Jade helps clients understand exactly what they need.

“I hope they feel lighter when they leave. I hope that whatever they walked in with, whatever is weighing them down or hurting them, I hope they can leave some of that behind and take with them a better sense of themselves.”

How fitting that Stillpoint essentially means the place where things are undisturbed or tranquil, silent and calm? Her space is warm and inviting with simple, yet elegant décor. See it below and check out her brand new, beautiful website HERE.

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