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Keri & Sarah are trusted names in the Glastonbury community. With Sarah's lifelong knowledge of the area and Keri's 10 years of experience in the business community, they are the perfect team to help you find your home. Let us guide you through the process with expertise and personalized service.





We must confess...we have a slight obsession with headshots. We love seeing modern versions of this business branding tradition and when we find images we love...we CANNOT. GET. ENOUGH. Well, that's exactly how we feel about the work of Glastonbury-based photographer, Allegra Anderson. She is uber talented and it shows in her work. Allegra not only helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals connect with their ideal audience through photography and videography, but the content she creates allows them to build their online following, attract and onboard ideal clients, and sell products and services. Her images tell unique stories (something that is more important than ever to help you stand out against the masses). Allegra has been working with businesses and individuals in Glastonbury and throughout New England for over ten years. She offers a variety of packages so whether you need a handful of stunning portraits or a day-long photo and video shoot to build a library of content, she can help you. She will not only take simple portraits, but also photos of your offerings/products or you in action (some of our faves!). Not to mention, she is one of the sweetest, most genuine people we have met! Click HERE to learn more or call to set up a consult 860.748.2232.


There is an incredible event happening this month at The Bond in Hartford! Hauntings at The Bond will tell the stories of spirits said to be living there from a past life (Ummmm can we say the best Halloween fun ever?!). Here is the BACKSTORY: The organizer of this event, Julia Yakovich (shown below with her team), was doing some part-time work at The Bond when she learned that many employees believed it was haunted. So...she did some digging on the history, connected with a few people who gave her insight, and found that there is paranormal activity. That's when she brought in a paranormal activity team to investigate. During the course of the initial investigation, the team was approached by a few spirits.

SPIRIT #1 The brother of a man name John (a hotel bellhop) killed when he hit the wrong lever in the freight elevator. It crushed him between floors. The brother was in the hotel when it happened. The story is corroborated by a Hartford Courant article that was released in 1914 about the incident. His name: John Powers.

SPIRIT #2: A woman going through a divorce who had shot herself in the bathroom of her hotel room. Guests reported in a news article published in 1916 that they heard a gunshot and then a scream. This confused investigators at first, but the spirit, Etta Mae Downing, came forth and told them she didn't die right away, so she screamed after she shot herself admitting she immediately regretted her decision.

These are just two examples of the stories they've uncovered. During Hauntings at the Bond, guests will be treated to a replay of these spooky happenings, along with food and cocktails. They will also get a tour of some of the known-to-be haunted spots in the building (We toured's creepy, but FUN!). Calling all those who love to be scared, spooked, or downright creeped HERE to get your tickets.


River Bend Book Shop is moving from its current location on Main Street to 2400 Main. This is down the street in the yellow colonial on the corner of Main and Hebron Avenue. Curated House moved out this past Saturday and will focus on online sales. We are told the book shop will move in mid-October. Follow them for updates.



October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what a year of ups and downs it has been for Breast Friends Fund Founder, Sandy Cassanelli. If you don't know, Sandy has been living with metastatic breast cancer for years. She has been through one failed treatment after another and lost countless friends to this horrific disease. Yet every day she perseveres. She is literally the pillar of strength in the face of the unimaginable. ALL OF THE MONEY raised from Sandy's October events goes toward finding a cure. ALL. OF. IT. See a few of her events below or click HERE for a complete list of events happening all month long.

October 1st 10:15 to 11:30 AM The Yoga Shop Keep Hope Alive Yoga Class

October 20th 6:00 to 7:00 PM The Best Wine Shop in Town Wine Tasting/Silent Auction

October 21st 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Gotta Have It Donating 20% of sales

October 26th 5:00 to 7:00 PM Baribault Jewelers Pink Party (Details to come)

October 27th 7:00 PM Irish American Home/Giovanni's Dave Reilly's Comedy Show


*ICYMI: Elite Muscle Mechanics in Glastonbury is NOW SELLING Xero Shoes and offering 25% off their Arch Support Program, plus a complimentary pair of the shoes when you sign on. The program uses Muscle Activation Techniques to help alleviate foot and ankle issues (i.e. fallen arches, bunions, sprained ankles, neuroma's, plantarfasciitis). Click HERE to learn more.

*The Coder School Glastonbury is NOW OPEN Wednesday evenings, and offering a variety of classes from Virtual Reality, Roblox, Python, and block coding. To sign up your child please email: or fill out a free trial form here:

*DORO Wethersfield is NOW OPEN across the bridge on the Silas Deane. They took over the former Chips Restaurant. We had the DORO Bowl and it was DELISH! Check it out!

*Also, the Wethersfield location of Sally's Apizza is expected to OPEN within the next two months. Their goal is before Thanksgiving, but nothing is official as they work through product delays and getting all of their permits in place. They will begin hiring soon!


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